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Seven Elements



All of the artists featured in our gallery live within an hour (or so) drive from it.  We decided on this requirement so that our visitors were able to experience truly local artwork from artists within our community. 


Our artists work really hard on their pieces and they produce items that are unique and beautiful and one of a kind.  In the day and age of technology, there is a lot of equipment available to the general public that allows anyone to feel as though we can do everything an artist can, but, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that a true artist takes a lot of time on their art.  They put into it what we do not.  They think about their projects and communicate through it.  They have studied space, form, line, concepts, history, design elements, equipment, etc.  Some artists have gone to college while others have learned and studied on their own, some were apprentices, but all of them have put the time, blood, sweat and tears into a passion that, at many times, seems so under appreciated.  But art is everywhere a person looks and art is more important than we may give it credit for.

Art reflects culture.  Art is a communication.  Art is subjective.  One person's idea of what art is can be significantly different from the next person's.  Art is never right or wrong.  It is something created by a person from their heart and soul.  It expresses a person's culture, their environment, their experiences and their emotions.  It evokes questioning, emotions, thoughts, desires, both negative and positive.  Sometimes it has a lot to say.  Sometimes it is quiet and calming.   And art is as different as the artists themselves.  When you learn about the art, you learn about the person.  When you learn about the person, you learn about the art.  One cannot be removed from the other.

Yes.  Art can be expensive, but factor in the material cost and TIME to create a project and you begin to realize what a bargain you are getting!  Many times these artists barely break minimum wage!  You get this amazing, truly unique one of a kind piece that you won't find anywhere else in the world!  You get a piece of the soul of an artist.  That is something that, in the end, can be truly priceless.

To the right is a list of the artists whose work you will find in our retail gallery.  We chose to provide a video bio of each of them this year because this way you are going to get a way better idea of who each of them are.  It's so much more fun experiencing them in a short video, don't 'ya think?

Marcia Murdick_Dragonfly  web.jpg

Dragonfly - Watercolor by artist Marci Murdick


Seven Elements

Artists in gold have PDF bios.

Artists in green have video bios.

Hannah Apps - painting


Raulaniesa Aranda - mixed media & encaustic

Lorie Axtell - textiles, painting, photography


Kent Babb - photography

Richard "Dock" Borth - photography

Adrian Boyer - photography

Diane Brabant - upcycled art

Elaine Brach - art jewelry

Kate Caldwell - gourd sculptures


Dan Clark - painting, multi-media

Joe Clark - photography

Lori Cleland - photography

Tim Cook - painting

Sheryl DeLong - upcycled art, painting

Melissa DeWitt - painting


Gretchen Dorian - photography

Brandi Dyke - painting

Liz Fredrickson - textiles, photography

Raymond Gaynor - photography

Debra Gray - photography

Robert Harold - photography

Corey Hendricks - photography

Sandy Heukels - beadwork

Jackie House - painting, pottery, sculpture

James Jarvie - woodworking

Tony Johnson - photography

Linda Kangas-Slining -photography

James "Jimi K" Keast - painting

Russell LaLonde - painting

Akayshia Logan - upcycled, multimedia

Vicki Logan - music, photography, graphics

Jennifer Long - painting

Jess Miller - photography

Marcy Murdick - painting

Paul Nelson - photography

Linda Orlow - fused glass

Brian Parker - drone photography

Gail Passino - painting

Dennis Paull - realism painting

Tanya Procknow - multi-media

Tom Prout - photography

Karen Rieser - author

Dorothea Sandra - painting

Thomas Shipley - painting

Michael Sincic - painting

Edy Stoughton - wrapped stones/graphite

Sheryl Silvestri - textiles

Barbara Weisenburg - painting

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