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Seven Elements

The Logans

Vicki, grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and went to college at NMU earning her BFA in graphic communications.  Art has always been a huge part of her life and graphic design allowed her to keep it always within reach.  Although music has been a passion for the passed 24+ years, photography has been a big part of life too.  Her photography is a reflection of her music; both work together to allow people to experience it in the way it is intended.


From the time she started learning the flute in 6th grade band, and still today, music is her favorite outlet.  It cuts across all boundaries of language, evokes feelings and heals.  Although she had no real music training beyond high school, she pursued her passion of music composition when she met Carl and he introduced her to Folk Era Records in 1996.  In 2000, she released her first album, CHASING DREAMS and things just blew up from a good way!  Eight albums later, Vicki has performed all over the country, has had her music aired all over the world, won several awards and honors and plans to share her music at Seven Elements along with her other artwork.  Her music can be heard at her music website.

Carl was born in Texas and grew up in Iowa.  Carl will tell you his passion is for woodworking, although he doesn't get the chance to do much of it because his true passion is for computers.  He is a software developer.  Carl is the logical, business part of Seven Elements and takes care of all the workings that people don't always see.  Carl makes sure the gallery runs as it needs to and follows the rules we need to follow.  Logic and boxes, forms and function.  He's the backbone of the shop.

Akayshia, Vicki and Carl's daughter, has been an artist ever since she was born.  At two, her daycare provider was expecting her to be an actress. She was quite the drama queen.  She took art classes and guitar lessons and excelled magnificently.  Akayshia attended NMU in Marquette and received a BS in biology, as she was studying to become a vet, but decided that her passion was definitely more in the art realm.  While the family lived in Colorado, she had work displayed at Cottonwood Gallery in Colorado Springs and won the Governor's Award when she was a junior in high school.  She had several pieces displayed in several juried exhibitions there.  Her favorite things to do were pottery and graffiti art.  While attending college and living on her own, Akayshia started getting more into digital art and upcycling art.  She began doing digital drawings of her pets and her friends pets, she gets commissioned for various digital artwork in anime and technology and she creates handmade paper and jewelry from "garbage". 

Mikayel, Vicki and Carl's son, was artistic when he was in school, but art never really was his "thing", which is just fine.  As a young kid he could tell you everything you'd ever want to know about cars.  Today, he works locally for a pipeline and his wife, Tiffany, is a nurse.  They both appreciate art, but do not consider themselves very artistic.  Their boys, Linkin and Liam, on the other hand, show a lot of interest in art and music.  We will see what the future holds in store for them as they are both trying lots of things right now.  After all, they ARE only 4 and 6.  Lots of being kids to do!

Right - Vicki with her Dragonfly,

Native American Flute

Vickicolor small hi res with flute.jpg
family shot.jpg

Left - Vicki, Akayshia, and Carl with weiner dog, Frankie, after picking up pumpkins from the Pumpkin Barn in Bliss.

Koi Fish Painting.JPG

Right - Akayshia's Koi Fish water color pencil drawing

Below - Akayshia at an open studio/drawing night at Cottonwood Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO.

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