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Artist Submissions


You may sign up for our waiting list for 2025.

Seven Elements Art Gallery is honored that you would like to be part of our artist group!  We try to do our best representing both  you and the Straits area community!


Seven Elements opened up May 2, 2023.  We took on 35 artists from within an hour's drive of Mackinaw City.  This season, 2023, we found that THAT concept itself, has been a huge draw for us and, from the size of our waiting list, we are going to be more strict on this particular requirement as there are many, many wonderful artists in our area.  Thus, for the 2024 season, all artists applying to be included in the gallery, MUST live within an hour of Mackinaw City.

Artists MUST be true artists in the sense that they have spent time and effort learning their crafts and continue to learn and pursue it.   You don't have to have an art degree, just a passion for art!  We want to represent those people who are truly serious about their work.  You can be a beginner, intermediate or a professional, but you have to be making art consistently.  One piece here or there isn't going to cut the mustard, so to speak.  We want to know that you are a working artist; that you are trying to do something with your art!

ALL artwork MUST be your best work; of a good quality, depending upon it's intent, and wire hung.  Items can be upcycled and framing can be accomplished in numerous ways.  We just ask for finished edges...solid colors on paintings, wrap arounds/solid edges on canvases, or frames with glass/acrylic fronts to avoid damage to the artwork.  We will not accept pieces that are unfinished.  If you need help learning to wire hang your work, we have lots of information to help accomplish that.  

We do accept ALL styles of artwork including 3-dimensional pieces...sculpture, upcycled works, textiles, etc.   We will have a VERY LIMITED section for jewelry and they must be one-of-a-kind pieces or limited editions.

Lastly, if you are accepted, we will need a headshot, bio or artist statement, contact info, and 5 photos of your work for our artist books and for the website.  These items are EXTREMELY important for promotion.  Plus, we found, that those people who purchase work also like to take one of our artist's pages for the work that they purchase.  It makes it more special if they get something that tells a little about you. 

You may stop by the gallery and leave your name, phone number and e-mail, or you can send an e-mail with your information and what it is you do...painting, photography, etc. ...with 3 samples or so, and we will send out e-mails and contracts for the next season in January 2025.

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