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Seven Elements

Seven Elements' Mission

Our mission, as a retail, consignment art gallery,

is to welcome ALL people

to explore and experience art of all disciplines

that truly represents the Mackinaw region and it's community.

We support our local artists by giving them an outlet

that allows them to show and sell their work.

Our Vision

Our vision includes providing opportunity

for local artists' voices to be heard

as well as to allow for art lovers and collectors,

who, not only live in the area, but visit us too,

to experience and collect truly unique, local art, in all of it's forms.

We wish to represent the community and it's diversity

in a truly positive light in order to encourage respect and appreciation for all that is around us.  

Our Values

Integrity, Diversity, Equity, Access, Inclusion, Excellence

Deepening Public Understanding

Curiosity and Continuous Learning

Empathy and Generosity of Spirit

Our Artists

Our artists are as diverse as their artwork. 

Seven Elements supports ALL artists

regardless of race, color, national origin,

sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation),

disability, age, cultural background or religion. 

We ask that all of our artists respect others

and do not display work that is hateful, attacks another individual or group of individuals, or promotes violence in any form. 

Artwork may include religious or political content, 

but must adhere to the rules set above.

Artwork is a statement of the artist who created it

and it does not reflect the ideas or beliefs

of Seven Elements as a business or of it's owners.


Lighthouse , water color by Michael Sincic

Russell LaLonde_Summer Dayz   web.jpg

Summer Dayz , water color by Russell LaLonde

Kate Caldwell_Upcycled Chair seat detail  web.jpg

Detail from Upcycled Chair by Kate Caldwell.


The 7 basic elements of visual art are SHAPE, LINE, SPACE, FORM, TEXTURE, VALUE, AND COLOR. These elements are the building blocks of art that help the artist to communicate and help us in understanding the piece of art more clearly.  Thus, this is the link that unites us as artists; it's our common denominator, so to speak.  We may not use every element in a piece of art, but every piece of art has at least two elements within it.  We concentrate on our commonalities versus our differences.  Thus, we chose the name SEVEN ELEMENTS because it is the unifying part of each discipline.




Seven Elements artists featured in our store live within an hour or so drive from the shop.  We decided on this requirement so that our visitors were able to experience truly local artwork from artists within our community.  Even our "mass produced" items, for example our mugs and posters, feature artwork from a local artist.  Additionally, anything that may be mass produced will be numbered and limited to a specific run so that you cannot find these items just anywhere.  Thus, when you shop our gallery, you are sure to get a unique item that won't be found anywhere else in the world!   And, when it's gone, it's gone.


When you experience our art and our culture, we feel that you can expand your knowledge of the importance of our area and it's resources.  The Great Lakes are the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth by total area and are second-largest by total volume, containing 21% of the world's surface fresh water by volume.  Mackinaw City and St. Ignace are located at the joining of Lakes Michigan and Huron and less than a 60 minute drive to Lake Superior.  We are home to the mighty Mackinac Bridge, which is currently the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. It is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere.  You will find a lot of imagery of the lakes, wildlife and historic architecture here at our store.


Additionally, when you shop with us, your dollars support local artists as well as our local community.   And here, at Seven Elements, the store is owned by local artists who grew up and live here year round too.   So, art collectors, come explore uniquely Michigan - uniquely Mackinaw artwork produced by up and coming, local artists!    

For more information on the Mighty Mac Bridge or the City of Mackinaw, click on them.

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