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Welcome to our online store!


Several of our art pieces are now available online!  These are originals and prints that are UNFRAMED.  They may be matted or the artwork may be on cardboard to keep it flat.  We will ship posters and commercial prints via tube, but all others are in flat boxes so that paintings and photos remain undamaged.  Rolling a painting can cause paint to peel and rolling an original photo can cause paper and/or ink damage which will then affect the image.  (NOTE: Some images may be cropped slightly.  We apologize for that inconvenience.)


We still ship the larger pieces and 3 dimensional pieces, but those items are found in the gallery only and shipping can be upwards of $200 in some cases.

Below are the items we currently have available via the website.  Shipping is included in the price.  Please click on the underlined item and it will take you to a link in which you may purchase it.  It will ship from our location within 2-3 business days VIA USPS Priority ONLY, although we may ship through FED EX if necessary.  We apologize, but we cannot accept international orders at this time. 


Taxes are calculated after the shipping address has been entered.

We do not take returns of artwork, so please make sure that you truly wish to purchase it.  Feel free to e-mail us, and include your phone number, at if you have questions about something before you buy.  We are always happy to help.  If your artwork is damaged due to shipping, it IS insured.

Mackinac Bridge 4x6 thumbnail.jpg

1 - Mackinac Bridge - SE View

     Vicki Logan - Digital Photograph

      in black folio

8x10  giclee print ................ $25.00


House_3 Fleurs Aussi_14x16_Web.jpg

2 - 3 Fleurs Aussi

     Jackie House - multi-media

     original color pencil/water color on

     handmade paper, matted

16x20 orginal artwork .........  $80.00


3 - Invader

     Jackie House - watercolor

     original, matted

16x20 original artwork ...... $130.00

House_3 Jacks_16x20_web.jpg

4 - Three Jacks

     Jackie House - watercolor/colored     

     pencil, matted

16x20 original artwork ........  $100.00

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